P r o u d l y m a d e i n M o l d o v a - R e c o g n i s e d a n d a w a r d e d a c r o s s t h e w o r l d

A b o u t u s

The holding includes two wine companies “Suvorov – Vin” (2003) and “Kazayak – Vin” (1958). The first association with the Suvorov – Vin holding is an extensive line of wines and modern technologies. We own 500 hectares of vineyards located in the southern part of Moldova, where the climate is perfect for quality grape growing. The company’s strategy is to reveal to the world the exceptional quality of Moldovan wines, through skillful marketing and various cultural aspects of Moldova

Chardonnay Barrique

This wine is a living story told in every drop, immersing you in the atmosphere of an old vineyard and the smell of oak barrels filled with time. Barrique is a wine that combines the ancient wisdom of the modern gourmet in a majestic harmony of flavor


Each bottle of Viorica is not just a wine, it is a moment of encounter with what is precious in life. It is a wine that invites you to immerse yourself in the history of winemaking, where every drop is filled with love for the land and for life

Merlot Rose

This wine is an invitation to dive into the past, in which each sip becomes a gateway to a world of mystery and majestic age. Storcks is not just a wine, it is a legacy of centuries that gives you an encounter with history resounding in every drop


Our wines are produced in strict accordance with European winemaking requirements. Since 2015, red wines have been granted the IGP (protected geographical indications) category. The company applies modern grape processing methods and technologies using membrane filtration, cold processing and sterile bottling processes. The production process is subject to constant control combined with the national traditions of Moldovan winemaking, practical experience and innovative technologies

“Kazayak-Vin” “Suvorov-Vin” produces a wide range of dry, semi-dry, semi-sweet, dessert wines, as well as natural fruit wines, mulled wine (natural infusion of 16 medicinal herbs and red currants), kruchon (natural wine with the addition of fruit juices), wines with low alcohol content, sparkling wines, vermouth and liqueurs. Our portfolio is revealed in impressive collections such as Green Lee, Storks, Kazayak, Nicole, Bon Voyage, Sang de Terre, Monteco and others.

The year 2008 for “Suvorov – Vin” marked the rise of the company to a new level, becoming the leader in the production and export of bottled wines from the Republic of Moldova, with an annual volume of about 10,000,000 bottles and 20% of the total export volume. Our wines have found a vocation in such countries as Poland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Romania, Croatia, Bosnia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Israel, Greece, Ghana, Nigeria, China, Japan, USA, and of course in Moldova.

T e a m

More than 300 employees work in the facilities to create top-notch wines. Day in and day out, each of us makes an invaluable contribution to the company. It is our unity of thought, ideas and boundless love for wine production that helps us to achieve our goals and be one

Nikolay Popov

Executive Director of Suvorov-Vin


Victor Florica

Executive Director of Kazayak-Vin


Adrian Cojocaru

Head of Sales


Inga Manuilenco


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Guided walking Tour through the Vineyards in the Valley of Gods and the Menegolli Wineries.
Book your tour in advance (minimum 7 adults) which will take place in Valpantena – VERONA.