Pavel Zingan. “Created in Moldova – Recognized worldwide” – KAZAYAK brand slogan

P a v e l Z i n g a n . C r e a t e d i n M o l d o v a R e c o g n i z e d w o r l d w i d e K A Z A Y A K b r a n d s l o g a n


In 2023, the prestigious wine brand KAZAYAK celebrated 65 years of existence. We invite you to discover a summary of the history and current situation of the KAZAYAK brand.


The brand name is a part of the history of Moldova, from the time when it was under the protection of the Ottoman Empire. “KAZAYAK”, translated from Turkish, means “goose foot”, which is also the aspect seen from above of the village, crossed by several small rivers, where one of the brand’s wine cellars is located.

KAZAYAK wines are a tribute to excellence and traditions, reflecting the fundamental qualities of the Gagauz people: Courage, Pride, Tradition, Passion.

The winery is located in southern Moldova, in the Valul lui Traian area, near the village of Kazaklia, on the same latitude as the vineyards of Bordeaux, France. This geographical similarity, together with the mild climate and the unique soil, rich in clay and minerals, provides ideal conditions for agriculture, viticulture and winemaking. This attracted the attention of French winemakers, leading to the establishment of the Moldovan-French company “Kazayak – Wine” in 1996.

Export and Production Potential

KAZAYAK wines are distinguished by their refined design, in step with current trends, stability of quality and impeccable character. Combining Moldovan wine traditions with modern technologies and global wine trends, KAZAYAK has established itself as a leader in the Moldovan wine industry.

For over two decades, wine production and sales have consistently exceeded 8 million bottles per year, sometimes even higher.


KAZAYAK wines are created today under the guidance of two outstanding winemakers, Victor Chira (Best Winemaker of Moldova in 2019) and Codjebaș (Best Winemaker of Moldova in 2020). Their collaboration brings a distinctive touch to each wine, which is reflected in the brand’s diverse product range.

Victor Chira, with more than two decades of experience, although a fan of modern technologies, still believes that wine is a form of magic. Thus, he makes a habit of playing the accordion for the maturing wines, thus contributing to the development of their aroma.

Anatoli Codjebaș, originally from Gagauzia, studied winemaking in Odessa and did internships in Chile and New Zealand. Its southern temperament is reflected in the wines it produces.

Production and Global Trade Links

Over the decades, the company has developed strong business links in various countries around the world. Exports range from the US and Europe to Africa, Central Asia and China. The average annual export volume is 8-9 million bottles and the production capacity is 1,550 thousand decalitres, with accumulated reserves of 950 thousand decalitres.

Participation in Competitions and Prizes

Every year, KAZAYAK wines participate in the most prestigious international competitions, ensuring objective quality assessment and continuous development. These include:

Mundus Wines

Berliner Wine Trophy

Challenge International du Vin, and others.

Steag Wines

Every winemaker has a “wine token”, the one offered to special guests. For KAZAYAK, this wine is “Viorica”, produced from an indigenous Moldovan grape variety. Viktor Chira has managed to revive this almost extinct variety within ten years. When “Viorica” KAZAYAK was presented at the Mundus Vini competition, it not only won the gold medal, but was named the best white wine in Moldova for 2019, the year Chira was recognized as the country’s best winemaker.

KAZAYAK’s “Viorica” is characterized by an exceptional, harmonious and smooth taste with notes of tea rose, candied fruit, honey and muscat. However, the best experience is to taste it in person.

KAZAYAK Brand Future Plans

In 2024, KAZAYAK aims to expand its sales geography by participating in international exhibitions in Poland, the Netherlands, Korea, India, China, Germany and other countries. This expansion will be supported by strategic partnerships with international companies to accelerate growth in the global market and expand sales reach.

The brand also plans to create new authentic wines that meet global quality standards and taste trends.

With over 20 years of experience in wine production, KAZAYAK has established itself as a leading player in the global wine market. KAZAYAK labelled products are exported to over 20 countries and regions, gaining international recognition, increasing export volumes and penetrating new markets every year.